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The Syracuse Children's Chorus

How Your Child Can Join Us

The Syracuse Children's Chorus is open to all children ages 8 - 17 who love to sing. We welcome students of all races, ethnic groups and religions; from all central New York public, private and home schools; and from all income levels and all family situations.

Children in grades 2 - 11 are eligible to audition each spring. A recommendation from the child's school music teacher or other qualified adult is required to schedule an audition.

1. Talk to your child's school music teacher. Let the teacher know that your child loves to sing and is interested in becoming a member of the Syracuse Children's Chorus. If your child does not have a school music teacher, call the Chorus office at 478.0582 for further information.

2. In March of each year, music teachers receive a mailing from the Chorus that includes a student recommendation form. Talk to your school music teacher again during early March to discuss your child's interest in the Syracuse Children's Chorus.

3. The music teacher will return the recommendation form to the Chorus office, and the Chorus will then contact the parents directly and invite them to schedule an audition. Auditions are held in May.

4. At the audition, the child will be asked to sing "Happy Birthday" and an additional prepared song of the child's choice. The prepared song should have piano accompaniment (not taped accompaniment) and the child should bring the score (printed music) to the audition. The Chorus will supply a pianist to accompany the child. The child will also be asked to complete several musical activities to assess skills and ability. The audition does not include sight-reading. No specific coaching is necessary before the audition, though we encourage school music teachers to assist children in the choice and preparation of audition songs.

5. Parents are notified of audition results approximately two weeks after the audition. Registration for new members is held in June, and rehearsals start the following September.