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The Syracuse Children's Chorus

Our Choirs

The Syracuse Children's Chorus is comprised of five choirs, described below. New and returning choristers are placed in the choir that best suits their musical development.

Training Choir

Training Choir members are taught basic singing skills and beginning musicianship. Healthy vocal production and appropriate tone quality are carefully developed. Students are introduced to music reading, ensemble work and part-singing. The repertoire includes unison and 2-part music from various cultures and periods of music history. Training Choir rehearses once each week and typically performs three times each year.

Training Choir

Junior Choir

Members of Junior Choir continue to develop their singing skills and musicianship. Good vocal production and tone are nurtured as the young voices begin to grow. Music reading advances and part-singing becomes more complex. The repertoire includes more challenging works, frequently in two or three-part harmony and sometimes in different languages. Junior Choir rehearses once each week and typically performs three times each year.

Senior Choir

Senior Choir members receive advanced training in vocal skills and musicianship. Tone quality and vocal production continues to mature. Repertoire becomes more challenging, with frequent a cappella and two and three-part literature, often in different languages. Senior Choir rehearses once each week and may perform up to four or five concerts each year. Occasionally Senior Choir combines with Chorale for special events, such as performances with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra.


Members of Chorale have well-developed vocal and musical skills, and receive more advanced training. The repertoire at this level includes sophisticated works from many cultures and time periods, frequently a cappella and multi-part. Chorale rehearses twice each week and performs frequently throughout the year. Members of Chorale comprise the Touring Choir for special performance and travel invitations. Chorale members often have the opportunity to work and perform with nationally and internationally known performers, conductors and composers.