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The Syracuse Children's Chorus

Questions and Answers

What exactly is the Syracuse Children's Chorus?
The Syracuse Children's Chorus is an internationally acclaimed music education organization that provides an opportunity for talented young singers to celebrate the joy of singing. The mission of the Chorus is to teach artistry and excellence through the study and performance of outstanding choral music. The Chorus is recognized as a leader in the children's choir movement and has represented the Central New York community in performances throughout the world.
How do children benefit from being members of the Syracuse Children's Chorus?
The Chorus provides children with outstanding musical training, a means for creative expression, and exceptional performance opportunities. Through their participation in the Chorus, children develop musicianship, poise, concentration, cooperation, and a commitment to excellence.
When and how did the Syracuse Children's Chorus start?
The Chorus was founded in 1981 by Dr. Barbara Marble Tagg as part of the Preparatory Division of Syracuse University's School of Music. In 1988, the Chorus incorporated as a non-profit organization, and continues to function in cooperation with Syracuse University.
How many children sing in the Syracuse Children's Chorus?
Approximately 175 children are currently members of the Syracuse Children's Chorus. The children are placed into one of four different choirs, based on age and skill development.
How do children become members of the Chorus?
The Syracuse Children's Chorus is open to children ages 8-17 who love to sing. Choristers come from throughout central New York and represent the diversity of their families, schools and communities. To join the Chorus, students must have a recommendation from their school music teacher and complete an audition.
Where and how often do the children rehearse?
Rehearsals are held at Syracuse University and Dewitt Community Church. Three of the choirs rehearse once each week and the most advanced group rehearses twice each week. Rehearsals run from September through May and observe the same vacations as most area schools.
Where and how often does the Syracuse Children's Chorus perform?
The Chorus self-produces at least three major concerts each year, with all choirs performing individually and together. Concerts are usually held at Syracuse University, Most Holy Rosary Church, or other large, public venues. Individual choirs also perform additional concerts at other community sites throughout the school year. The advanced choirs often perform with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra.
Does the Syracuse Children's Chorus travel?
Yes, the most advanced members of the Chorus have performed in major cities in England, Holland, Wales, China and Canada, as well as Washington D.C., Orlando, Minneapolis, and New York City. Performance tours are financed with a variety of fundraising efforts. The most recent tour was to California in celebration of the choir's 25th Anniversary.
Are there tuition costs?
Yes. Yearly tuition for the 2006-2007 season is $500 for Training, Junior and Senior Choirs and $600 for Chorale. Scholarships based on financial need are available, and many families receive tuition assistance through several scholarship funds.
How else is the Chorus funded?
Tuition covers less than half of the yearly program. Additional funding comes from individual contributors, various local, state and federal grants, foundation, corporate and business support, and fundraising events.
How can I learn more about the Syracuse Children's Chorus?
Please call our office at 315.478.0582 or send us an email at and we'll be happy to answer your questions.